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Beliefs drive behaviour

Beliefs drive behaviour 31st Jul 2020 Kyle Bloch highlights how our beliefs and assumptions influence our actions, especially during emergency situations, and provides pointers on how employers can promote a culture of safety It’s been an interesting exercise to watch the evolving responses to Covid-19 over the past few weeks. What began as a pass for media hype soon turned into hysteria with thousands of people rushing to their local supermarket in an attempt to stockpile non-perishables and toilet paper. […]

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The essential trio

There is a problem-solving principle that exists within the philosophical field known as Occam’s Razor. In layman’s terms, it advises that the simplest explanation is often the best one. Here’s a plea to employers I was starkly reminded of Occam’s razor during the lockdown when, one morning, I woke up with an excruciating headache. Now, for a person who doesn’t regularly experience headaches, this ordeal left me puzzled. I took a Panado and spent the rest of the day just […]

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