10 reasons to renew

10 reasons to renew

Renewing your Saiosh membership is the right choice. You will be part of South Africa’s only South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognised voluntary and regulatory occupational health and safety (OHS) professional body, which will constantly keep you informed and updated on the latest developments in the field of OHS.

  1. Professional registration: The South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh) has three professional health and safety designations that are registered with SAQA in terms of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Act. Saiosh is recognised by SAQA as the health and safety professional body with which to professionally register members on one of these three registered designations.
  2. Free health and safety continuing professional development (CPD) workshops/webinars: Saiosh hosts annual CPD OHS workshops/webinars, which members can attend for free. Quality speakers are secured to facilitate the workshops/webinars and the topics are carefully selected to ensure that members are kept up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of OHS.
  3. Annual health and safety conference/A-Osh Expo: Every year Saiosh hosts an international health and safety conference at the Gallagher Convention Centre alongside the A-Osh Expo. The conference and exhibition are the largest of their kind in Africa. Saiosh also hosts the free-to-attend three-day seminar theatre at the A-Osh Expo.
  4. Free SHEQ MANAGEMENT Magazine and Handbook: The SHEQ MANAGEMENT Magazine is the official journal of Saiosh, and is South Africa’s leading SHEQ magazine. Members get free subscription to the hard copy of the magazine and the Annual Handbook.
  5. Free CPD e-learning programme: Saiosh has a 20-module e-learning programme on construction health and safety. Members have free access to the programme and earn CPD points for completing the modules.
  6. Free OHS legal updates: Members have free access to the updates of all OHS-related Acts and receive the update notice and the actual text included in the law title. This shows both the old text as it was before the change and the edited text as the new law.
  7. Free OHS legal advice: Members have free access to the Saiosh OHS legal advice forum. This is a platform where members can post OHS legal queries to receive a professional opinion from a seasoned OHS advocate. In addition, Saiosh provides a technical forum, a working at height safely forum, and the Covid-19 workplace preparedness forum.
  8. Bursaries for OHS studies: Saiosh has identified the scarcity of skills in the OHS field and has noted the challenges that some prospective candidates face in accessing the funds required to pay for their skills development. Saiosh makes bursaries available annually to qualifying members.
  9. Health and safety awards: Saiosh makes several annual awards, with financial rewards, including Person of the Year and Student of the Year.
  10. Lobbying on behalf of members: Saiosh acts as a lobby group for OHS legislation and standards. For this purpose, Saiosh interacts and liaises with the Department of Employment and Labour and other government bodies on behalf of its members.

How to renew your membership: Membership invoices are e-mailed to all current members. Your invoice is also available on your membership profile from the “Manage Profile” page, or you can send an e-mail to accounts@saiosh.co.za to request your invoice.

The 2022 membership fees are due by 28 February 2022. Once you have made payment and sent the proof of payment to accounts@saiosh.co.za, your 2022 digitally-verified certificate will be available on your profile.

There has been no increase in Saiosh membership fees for 2022.

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Sanjay Munnoo

Dr Sanjay Munnoo is a fellow chartered member and President of Saiosh. He is the chief business development officer at FEM and graduated with a PhD in Construction Management from Nelson Mandela University.
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