A new partnership to bring about better prices

A new partnership to bring about better prices

The Master Builders Association North has partnered with SHEQ Warehouse. Boitumelo Thipe, MBA North marketing and business development manager, says the partnership aims to create a comprehensive SHEQ resource centre for companies in the construction environment, to help them achieve occupational health and safety compliance at affordable pricing. The emphasis will be on assisting the start-ups, Micro and SMME companies obtain access into the work market.

“SHEQ Warehouse has been a leading provider of health and safety resources to the manufacturing and construction industry for over a decade”, says SHEQ Warehouse CEO Neville Dick, a health and safety specialist and ISO 45001(SABS) lead auditor. “Our products include numerous health and safety training presentations and manuals, comprehensive health and safety systems, safety files, environmental systems, various safety packs (such as risk assessments), safe work method statements and appointments, as well as the company’s tried and tested subcontractor vetting and management system.”

The health and safety industry now also has access to all of SHEQ Warehouse’s ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 documentation at affordable rates. In addition, SHEQ Warehouse’s ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 implementation specialists are at the industry’s disposal to assist all with the full ISO implementation and ISO certification preparedness, with the first on-site or digital platform consultation free of charge.

Comprehensive PowerPoint safety training presentations and manuals have also been added to the SHEQ Warehouse website, www.sheqwarehouse.co.za, consisting of all the relevant training required within the safety industry. This will assist safety officers to give comprehensive in-house training where the industry allows such training.

Over and above all of this, SHEQ Warehouse’s digital reporting system is also in the advanced stages of development. It will allow contractors and safety personnel to perform company inspections, site inspections, site audits, incident reporting, non-conformance reporting and monitoring, and the creating and updating of risk assessments, all in the palm of their hands.

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