A place in the sun

A place in the sun

Schauenburg Systems, an original equipment manufacturer with branches throughout South Africa, has upgraded to a solar power plant that can handle 100% of the electricity needs of its head office based in Kempton Park.

This photovoltaic system consists of 355 panels on the carports around the building and is designed to produce approximately 250 MWh per year. Even in winter, during the noon-time period when the sun peaks, it can produce 100% of the power that the entire site consumes.

The excess capacity that is primarily produced over weekends is fed back into the grid for free (the local rules do not yet provide for any credits for that production). While the prices of electricity in South Africa are predicted to climb significantly in the next 10 years, the prices of solar panels have come down, making this investment more attractive.

Schauenburg also operates in cooperation with an external service provider that operates a recycling facility at their premises in Kempton Park. It separates different types of recyclable waste, such as paper, plastics, glass and metal, daily from all its products disposed from the mines.

“Schauenburg Systems pursues a policy centred around Environmental-Social-Governance targets, the central factors in measuring sustainable success,” says Dieter Kovar, CEO of Schauenburg International/Africa Group. “We are convinced that this concept will allow us in the long term to live our growth-driven vision for the benefit of all our stakeholders.”

Moreover, this investment fits perfectly within the overall sustainability strategy of the group. “Sustainability is one of our key principles,” says Florian Schauenburg, CEO of Schauenburg International Group. “The responsible use of resources in our manufacturing and the reduction of emissions are all accorded the very highest priority throughout our company activities. We very much appreciate this installation of the solar plant.”

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