All-in-one alcohol testing 

All-in-one alcohol testing 

Alco-Safe is a leading provider of alcohol and drug testing equipment. As a regular exhibitor, the company saw this year’s A-OSH Expo as the perfect platform to launch the newest version of its Alcontrol Smart Connect alcohol testing system.

“We’ve been at A-OSH Expo every year since it started,” says Rhys Evans, Alco-Safe MD. “It is the only expo that is really targeted at occupational health and safety. We’ve met many people at the show over the years who are now our clients.”

Evans adds that Alco-Safe’s client base is quite widely spread geographically: “We work with many clients who are difficult to see on site, such as the mines and Eskom’s power stations. They all come to A-OSH Expo though; we get to see between 200 and 300 clients within three days. Otherwise, it would be impossible to see them all within a year.”

It’s unsurprising that Alco-Safe chose this platform to launch the Alcontrol Smart Connect. This unmanned breathalyser is mounted on a turnstile to control employee entry, or can be wall mounted as an employee self-test breathalyser prior to entering a workspace.

“The new device, Alcontrol Smart Connect, removes some previous limitations on communications and integration between our device and biometrics. It can now connect with any existing communication protocols,” Evans explains. “By introducing Wiegand, RS485, LAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity, along with a new communication protocol, the device is easily compatible with any existing biometric employee identification and access control system companies may already have in place.”

The Alcontrol unit also has a camera installation option which can be used for ID verification. Along with a new RS485 communication port, the system can easily integrate with facial recognition technology. All these features make it easy for companies to track positive alcohol test results and monitor for absenteeism and abuse of the voluntary testing system. It also streamlines HR disciplinary processes related to relevant alcohol and substances policies.

“Another limitation we had was the quite specific installation process for our product, which made things difficult at times, especially if we had to get a technician to a remote location. Now, however, installation is very simple and can be done by almost anyone with basic technical skills,” notes Evans.

The Alcontrol Smart Connect can be swapped out with pre-calibrated modules on site, essentially making calibration plug-and-play. “With this new version release, we have successfully addressed a number of challenges experienced with the 2017 model, ensuring the device is now easy to install, service, and calibrate,” emphasises Evans.

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