Amber Mental Health Workshops & Posters. Designed to inspire change

Amber Mental Health Workshops & Posters. Designed to inspire change

Coming out of the most challenging year in recent history, businesses in 2021 will need to bring a new level of focus, re-establish a positive culture and deliver engaging, creative communication throughout the workplace. Amber’s mental health workshop and posters aim to help

Mental health is a global challenge and addressing it is an essential part of a holistic safety management system. But the trauma of Covid-19 is going to present new challenges for safety professionals. The burden of stress, depression, and anxiety has increased worldwide due to social isolation, fear of contagion, and loss of friends and family throughout the course of the pandemic.


Amber, a health and safety communication platform, has investigated where and how creativity can begin to address some of these concerns. It has created free posters and a new 50-day mental health programme.


Its workshop, titled “You cannot pour from an empty cup – A hydration and mental health interactive workshop”, is designed to start the conversation about mental health and give practical solutions to encourage positive and healthy thoughts, actions and tools.


The workshop and practical exercises are designed to be light-hearted and to encourage fun, reflection and positive emotions. The idea is for workers to associate drinking water with positive mental health – both are essential for a long, happy and healthy life.


Click here to join and download the new Amber resource. Amber aims to help health and safety professionals to look at the disciplines through a creative lens and bring agency-quality visuals to every safety professional regardless of budget.


The Amber team will be producing relevant content on an ongoing basis and launching new project management features to ensure health and safety professionals are one step ahead when it comes to keeping employees informed about any issue that may arise.

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