Preventing diseases and injuries essential for economic growth

Despite comprehensive occupational health and safety legislation, workplace deaths remain high, with occupational diseases often the cause. Companies should take action by educating themselves on the prevention of injuries and diseases. It is imperative that there is a mindset change towards improving prevention to reduce the current heavy burden of work-related diseases, injuries and deaths in South Africa. The number of media reports on workplace injuries, deaths and disabilities alert us to the fact that, in spite of good legislation, […]

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The compensation conundrum

Compensation can be utilised to incentivise for the prevention of occupational diseases and injuries The year 2018 has been a profoundly tragic one for occupational health and safety (OHS) in South Africa. Sadly, many workers have lost their lives, many more have been disabled and large numbers have contracted occupational diseases, including occupational cancers and mental-health problems. All of these problems are preventable and it is incumbent on us to value each and every human life in the spirit prescribed […]

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