Because safety is personal

Because safety is personal

Safety is about people. Brady is helping to drive this point home by offering the option of printing a face directly onto its Lockout/Tagout padlocks – built on a “one person, one lock, one key” principle for maximum safety.

A Lockout/Tagout padlock is often the last obstacle to prevent premature machine energisation and a potential maintenance accident that can impact professionals and their personal lives.

To emphasise that Lockout/Tagout padlocks protect people, Brady Corporation now offers PrintFace: a complete padlock personalisation option.

Personal padlocks

By printing a face on the padlocks, each Lockout/Tagout padlock can clearly show who it is protecting. PrintFace will help deter padlock tampering and will highlight that safety is all about people.

For ensured safety, padlocks in Lockout/Tagout applications should be removed only by the padlock owner, who is depicted on the lock. Team leaders, or a site safety manager, can step in if necessary by following an agreed procedure that maintains safety protocols.

In addition to adding a picture, other personalisation options are available, including adding a company logo, serial number, text and more.

Highly reliable prints

Personalisation can be printed, in full colour and high resolution, directly on Brady’s nylon SafeKey padlocks for Lockout/Tagout. The print is abrasion-, chemical- and UV-resistant, and highly reliable in both indoor and outdoor lockouts.

Padlock engraving is also available to achieve an even higher level of reliability, at the expense of colour and complex shapes. Another standard approach to personalise padlocks is to write or print basic information on self-adhesive labels supplied with any Brady padlock.

Achieve the highest Lockout/Tagout safety

Brady’s SafeKey Lockout Padlocks offer 700% more lock and key combinations than a standard safety padlock. An innovative lock mechanism enables more than 100 000 combinations, which can optimally support complex key hierarchies including several master and grandmaster keys.

All key numbers are charted to ensure no two keys in the same company will open the same lock, if required. This enables a safe, future-proof Lockout/Tagout programme that fully respects the procedure of one person, one lock, one key.

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