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When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees.

Evolving needs of agri-workers

Evolving needs of agri-workers 23rd Sep 2020 Technology is no longer a “nice to have” for agricultural enterprises. From operations at farm level to the businesses involved in supply, processing and distribution, and even co-operatives, the pandemic has demonstrated that the efficiencies technology brings are necessary for business survival. “The idea of NAMPO Harvest Day 2020 being held via an online virtual platform could hardly have been conceived 20 years ago,” says Dr Kobus Laubscher, agricultural economist and independent consultant […]

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A shift in strategy

A shift in strategy 23rd Sep 2020 The pandemic has eclipsed other risks that were previously high on the corporate agenda: environmental, weather and climate are now only in sixth place for 2020. These findings are highlighted in a new report by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), “The resilient treasury: Optimising strategy in the face of Covid-19”. It explores the forces that will shape and define the corporate treasury function and the priorities of the future. The research, supported by […]

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Sasol goes for a clean sweep

Sasol goes for a clean sweep 23rd Sep 2020 Sasol has become the first raw material supplier to the South African plastics industry to become a signatory of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) – an international stewardship programme designed to prevent resin pellet, flake and powder loss and to ensure that these materials don’t end up in the marine environment. Douw Steyn, sustainability director at Plastics SA, says spilt pellets, flakes and powder can make their way into local waterways and […]

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Enhancing cybersecurity research

Enhancing cybersecurity research 9th Sep 2020 The intensity and frequency of cyberattacks have skyrocketed in recent years. But all hope isn’t lost. Kaspersky has launched a dedicated collaboration programme to help institutions become better equipped to understand the latest and most prevalent industrial cybersecurity threats. By joining the programme, educational institutions, laboratories, research departments, security operations centres and emergency response teams can improve how they conduct their research and train cybersecurity specialists using the Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity solution for free. […]

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Well-maintained work environments: making all the difference

Well-maintained work environments: making all the difference 9th Sep 2020 The working environment is one of the most crucial factors that influences the level of satisfaction as well as motivation of employees. According to FM Solutions, a subsidiary company of the AFMS Group, research studies have shown that there is a clear connection between safe, hygienic and orderly work environments and the overall happiness of employees. “The operational efficiency, safety and hygiene within organised work environments are found to have […]

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