Brand visibility in HD

Brand visibility in HD

Would you like to position your product exactly as envisioned, in sharp, high definition, and lively colours that highlight your brand? The Brady Corporation can help.

“We offer the freedom to create labels that maximise your product without compromise, by printing any colour value, from any colour model, in advanced high definition,” explains Christophe Nelissen, Brady Corporation’s regional manager of Middle East and Southern Africa. “And that’s not all: in addition, we bring Brady’s vast label materials knowledge to bear, so that your product label, as well as your brand, present themselves – unscratched and unscathed – to any customer, anywhere.”

Attractive and practical

Nelissen adds that Brady’s printing capabilities bring vibrant visuals to life, and offer highly legible information, even in the tiniest of font sizes. “Any data, from serial numbers to usage icons or warning signs, can be added with poise and speed,” he states. “As a result, you’ll be able to add the most scanner-friendly product barcodes for your partners. And in the moment of truth, you’ll communicate with customers better than ever before.”

The company also offers various pre-printed, fully customisable product labels.

Anywhere, at any time

“With a network of production plants, offices, warehouses, and distributor partners, we can deliver fully printed and ready-to-apply product labels wherever you need them. Alternatively, you can print your designs on our labels at your premises at any time, using our advanced, full colour, and high volume on-site printing solutions, like the VP750 label printer,” highlights Nelissen.

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