28th February 2024

10 reasons to renew

10 reasons to renew 14th February 2024 Health and safety professionals are renewing their 2024 Saiosh membership, as this institute is the leading source...

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12th January 2024

Human behaviour in H&S

Human behaviour in H&S 12th January 2024 It is impracticable to expect a single individual to possess the necessary knowledge and skills to oversee...

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20th October 2023

The power of performance 

The power of performance  20th October 2023 Industrial occupational health and safety theatre shows are a great tool that don’t only entertain, but drive...

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5th September 2023

The dangers of alcohol abuse

The dangers of alcohol abuse 14th August 2023 Alcohol significantly influences your vision and hearing, reaction time, decision-making abilities, and motor skills. According to...

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4th July 2023

Navigating challenges

Navigating challenges 7th Jun 2023 Sadly, the recent crime statistics released by the Minister of Police indicate little improvement over the past decade. During...

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9th May 2023

Uplift any profession 

Uplift any profession  9th May 2023 South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh) CEO Neels Nortjé explains the importance of pursuing continuing...

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7th March 2023

10 Reasons to Renew

10 Reasons to Renew 27th Feb 2023 Renewing your Saiosh membership is the right choice: you will be part of South Africa’s largest regulatory...

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13th January 2023

Greater vigilance against risks

Greater vigilance against risks 13th Jan 2023 The global population has now passed eight billion. Demand and supply of products and resources are increasing...

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14th October 2022

How does climate change influence H&S?

How does climate change influence H&S? 14th Oct 2022 I’ve been sceptical about the validity of several studies performed on pollution and its environmental...

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19th August 2022

H&S rigour during the new normal

H&S rigour during the new normal 19th Aug 2022 Disruption coupled with innovation is the norm post-pandemic. The global economy is in complete disarray...

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