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11th Jan 2021

Happy and here

Happy and here 10th Dec 2020 In an always-on world, it’s often easier to identify feelings of distress and unhappiness rather than their positive...

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8th Oct 2020

A little goes a long way

A little goes a long way 8th Oct 2020 Professor Dr Andrew Sharman challenges the way we’ve been looking at safety performance and offers...

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17th Aug 2020

A brave new world

A brave new world 17th Aug 2020 Professor Dr Andrew Sharman, global thought leader, safety culture expert and president of the Institute of Occupational...

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26th Feb 2020

Selling safety

Can ideas that work well in the world of sales be applied to improving health and safety performance in the workplace? ANDREW SHARMAN and...

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13th Jan 2020

It’s how we behave

Behaviour is increasingly viewed as a solution to safety. Andrew Sharman reviews 500 years of science to explore the development of behaviour-based safety and...

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18th Oct 2019

I’d like to teach the world…

How can we implement more effective learning and continuing professional development (CPD) strategies to develop better leaders, or a more effective and reliable workforce?...

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21st Aug 2019

How to make training work for you

Professor Andrew Sharman and Darren Sutton tackle the challenges of making health and safety training stick, by exploring a range of techniques for management...

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19th Jun 2019

True causes of unsafe behaviour

Busy workplaces are challenging environments in which we need to have our wits about us in order to maintain levels of safety. Andrew Sharman...

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24th Apr 2019

Fear: The Ultimate Motivator?

Andrew Sharman and Darren Sutton explore the paradox of shocking people into action, and what one needs to understand in order to create sustainable...

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26th Feb 2019

Be here, now

On a trip to Zimbabwe, I discovered the secret to exemplary safety performance and the key to a happier, healthier and more meaningful life....

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