Celebrating logistics and supply chain excellence this Transport Month

Cargo Carriers joins South Africa in shifting the economy into a higher gear

Cargo Carriers remains the first point of contact for state-of-the-art supply chain, as well as transport logistics, solutions. This is especially the case in difficult economic conditions when South African industrial companies insist on partnering only with third-party logistics providers that are willing to go above and beyond the mere transporting of goods in an efficient and timely manner.

Cargo Carriers has retained its competitive edge in an extremely over-saturated industry by delighting its customers when providing innovative and effective supply chain solutions, as well as transport logistics services. The customer-centric approach spans top-level management and the company’s sales teams all the way through to employees who are tasked with keeping the company’s large fleet operating at optimal levels.

This leading South African logistics solutions provider currently has more than 3 800 wheels on the road, delivering a cutting-edge transport logistics service to the chemicals, gas, steel, powder, mining, sugar and fuel industries.

This is complemented by the sophisticated supply chain solutions Cargo Carriers supplies to reputable South African footwear manufacturers.

The services are sound examples of the critical role that transport plays in the South African economy – a major theme of this year’s Transport Month as the Department of Transport strives to address unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Cargo Carriers also lauds government for its commitment to mobilising business this month to assist it in developing a safe and more affordable, accessible and reliable transport system for South Africa. This is an immense responsibility that requires support from pioneering participants in the private sector.

Cargo Carriers continues to innovate to help its customers simplify increasingly complex supply chains. A case in point is the use of sophisticated information technology systems and solutions to control costs, maintain fleets, plan and optimise routes, as well as to manage fuel consumption.

The company is constantly looking at state-of-the-art solutions that will provide its customers with a competitive edge. Certainly, this customer-centric focus is evidenced by the number of industry awards that have been bestowed upon Cargo Carriers over the years. These include the Gold Logistics Achiever Award for supply chain innovation in the clothing industry, as well as Gold and Silver Logistics Achiever Awards for supply chain innovation and optimisation.

Notably, safety is again a major theme of this Transport Month. Maintaining a robust safety, health, environment and quality management system has been – and will always be – a major focus for Cargo Carriers, which handles and transports some of the world’s most hazardous materials for leading industrial companies.

As one of southern Africa’s biggest and most financially stable transport logistics companies, Cargo Carriers is well positioned to continue helping move South Africa forward, and is ready for the economic upturn when it arrives.

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