Conquer hearing loss!

Conquer hearing loss!

Situational awareness and hearing protection specialist Octave10 is offering a cost-effective and improved solution for effective communication in all noisy environments.  

In 2013, the Department of Mineral Resources indicated that 1 600 cases of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) are reported each year on average. This excludes other noisy sectors, such as manufacturing, paper mills, and the automotive industry.

These numbers are unacceptable, as NIHL is 100% preventable if the right measures are implemented. While personal protective equipment is a stellar last line of defence, hearing protection often has a handicap – reduced communication compatibility.

Enter the Clarus FX2 from California-based tactical communications producer Silynx Communications (represented locally by Octave10). This fixed lead system has been specifically designed for high-quality hearing protection and reliable, clear comms while using a single radio.

“The Clarus earbuds’ lightweight and ergonomic design allows comfortable wear and constant noise protection, with sound localisation capabilities that allow users to retain full situational and ambient sound awareness. The crucial ‘talking from the ear’ technology allows isolated, clear speech – independently from any headgear like a helmet, gas mask, or respirator,” explains Octave10 director Sean Stones. “Over and above the Clarus smart headsets’ ability to clip sound at 85 decibels, it boasts a very impressive noise reduction rating of 31 decibels when used with the supplied comply foam tips.  

“If countries have progressed from issuing military personnel with disposable foam hearing protection to Silynx Clarus smart headsets, the question is, ‘Why?’,” Stones adds. “The answer is obvious: the top brass can see more value in a prepared and protected soldier being constantly aware of their own situation, with clear communication from command and NIHL eliminated in the field.”

Unlike other over-the-ear (OTE) solutions, the Clarus enables the wearer to retain natural directional hearing. “Another advance is that while OTE headsets use an external ‘boom’ microphone to transmit speech, a nano microphone in the Silynx headset picks up minute internal in-ear air movement created during speech, converting it into an audio signal,” Stones expands. “This has a lot of advantages over older bone conduction ‘talking from the ear’ technology, which required unpleasant constant pressure on the tragus bone and precise earbud location, with poor performance at low tone speaking (whispering).

“Every industry must get on board with active noise cancellation, which clips harmful sound at 85 decibels and offers situational awareness and clear communication. It all adds up to protecting the workforce, enabling them to be more efficient and saving limbs and lives!”

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