Drawing up to full height

Drawing up to full height

Following a successful launch into the working at height category in 2019, Bova Safety Wear recently launched its mid-tier Working at Height range.

To develop the range, which comprises three harnesses and a range of lanyards and accessories, Bova combined the research and in-depth understanding of this category gained from its position on the South African Bureau of Standards Working from Heights Technical Committee and its membership of the Institute for Working at Heights.

Ruaan Breedt, working at heights technical specialist at BBF Safety Group, which manufactures Bova, states: “There are a large number of harness options in the working at hights category, and this can be confusing to end-users, with multiple variations in hardware and padding.

“We wanted to focus on designing harnesses that meet the requirements of rope access and rescue, as well as multi-purpose use and underground mining, thereby covering all the functionalities of non-fire/heat-related working at heights harnesses with just three styles.”

These include:

• Excavo: an underground mining harness compatible with all functionalities for underground mining: fall from heights, rescue and equipment;

• Agilis: a multi-purpose rescue harness engineered to perform in a range of different environments: fall arrest, working positioning and basic rescue;

• Gordian: a rope access and advanced rescue harness designed to perform the functions of rope access and rescue, while still providing solutions to fall arrest and work positioning requirements.

The harness range is complemented by various lanyards that are most commonly used in the mid-tier segment:

• A double leg shock-absorbing lanyard with scaffolding hooks;

• An elasticated double leg shock-absorbing lanyard that prevents the lanyard legs from dragging on the floor and endangering the wearer if caught in machinery or an elevator door; and

• An adjustable double leg shock-absorbing lanyard that allows the user to reduce the length of the lanyard, thus reducing the fall factor.

The range also features a work positioning lanyard and endless round climbing sling.

Senior brand manager Vanessa Roland says: “We are proud of the thought that was put into the work positioning lanyard and the endless round sling. Our work positioning lanyard features a PVC protector that protects the webbing against abrasive edges and liquids that could be found on the element that it is being wound around.

“Our endless round slings are manufactured from seatbelt webbing that is then encased in a tubular webbing to enhance the performance and improve the safety of the product.”

Every item in the new range is packaged in a reusable drawstring bag that provides a protective storage solution. As multiple size options and product types can be available on a site at any time, each bag features a full colour tag with product graphic and colour-coded sizes for easy stock identification.

Also included in the drawstring bags are a comprehensive full-colour user manual and inspection sheet.

“We put a great deal of thought into the design and layout of our user manual,” notes Roland. “We wanted to create something that would easily communicate the legal requirements as well as best in practice principles to encourage users to revisit the manual and keep the information top of mind. We also trust that the professionally laid out inspection sheets will encourage individuals to perform their checks when required, which will ultimately create a safer working environment for all.”

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