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Safety signs, floor markings, 5S labels, lean labels, labels to identify racks, doors, stairs, bins, desks and chairs, and CLP-labels to identify chemicals, can all be printed with the new S3100 at your location whenever you need them.

Brady’s S3100 Sign & Label Printer enables you to easily print a wide range of reliable safety signs and facility labels, even in standalone mode, to increase workplace safety and efficiency on demand.

Designed to last
The S3100 prints on Brady’s industrial-grade vinyl offer up to ten years’ outdoor durability and on durable polyesters including ToughStripe floormarking. Signs and labels printed with the S3100 can be used both indoors and outdoors, which is extremely useful for safety and facility identification in large plants, in and around production halls, warehouses, and logistics and distribution centres.

Brady’s sign and label materials are designed to last in industrial environments and have been tested in line with ASTM International test methods. Technical data sheets are available for every sign and label material.

Extremely easy to use
The S3100 Sign & Label Printer is easy to use, and features auto-calibration and automatic label material setup. Users can simply go to the printer and start printing the signs and labels required.

Switching to another label material is also easy and fast, thanks to the printer’s “drop-in” label materials and matching ink ribbons that can be switched out in less than 20 seconds. An intuitive user interface with touchscreen offers a wide variety of design options, even when the printer is used in standalone mode. When connected to a computer, sign and label design options can be further expanded using Brady Workstation label design apps, available for download from the Brady websites.

Watch the S3100 printer in action!

Brady Workstation apps
Brady Workstation offers professional, intuitive apps to design quality product and cable labels and safety signs. Label design becomes easier, faster and quickly adaptable to new label norms thanks to centralised updates.

Brady Workstation offers practical label design for a wide range of professionals. Simply select the apps you need, download the 30-day trial and purchase when satisfied. Available product, cable, safety and facility identification apps enable you to:

  • design and edit custom labels and signs;
  • design label templates and lock elements for consistency;
  • create text-only cable labels;
  • automate label creation;
  • easily import data;
  • easily set up complex label sequences;
  • easily design CLP-chemical labels;
  • print lockout procedures, tags and energy source labels;
  • design safety and facility signs.

Basic design functionalities (Brady Workstation + Basic Design Suite) are free of charge.

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