Elevating safety solutions in work at height

On August 27, Gravity Training, in conjunction with Cairnmead, hosted the work-at-height safety workshop at the Gravity Training venue. The event was noteworthy in that it brought together some of the key role-players in the construction and telecoms industries, and highlighted shared concerns, demands, requirements and significance of work-at-height safety needs across various industries.

MBA North’s Gerhard Roets contributed to the workshop as a presenter. The MBA North “Training-on-the-Move” vehicle, which was on display, was well received by the attending delegates.

The atmosphere at the workshop was electric with passionate staff assisting the proceedings of the day.

The topics under discussion ranged from foundational frameworks and contextualising work-at-height safety, through to the essential elements of training, equipment and access solutions. Discussions culminated in a review of the progression from awareness to safety excellence that has become a defining marker for Vodacom.

Topics and presenters included:

• Circle of safety: Shone Dirker, Cairnmead

• The true cost of an incident: Herman Enoch, FEM

• Fall arrest: Heinrich Schroder, Gravity Training

• Introduction to the MBA: Gerhard Roets, MBA North

• Rope access, gear management and training: Barry Lottering, Gravity Training

• Work at height safety systems: Hein Stapelberg, Gravity Access

• Success when implementing safety: Barry Niemand, Vodacom

“We would like to express our gratitude to Gravity Training and Cairnmead for the successful execution of an insightful and informative workshop. It has left a meaningful impression on all who attended,” said Roets.

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