Fast, paperless asset-safety inspections

Fast, paperless asset-safety inspections

A large chemical processer has increased the efficiency of asset-safety inspections with inspection templates and automated reporting, using reliable Unitags and SafeTrak software from Scafftag. Read the case study here and find out how thousands of asset inspections can be managed easily.

Challenge: manage thousands of asset inspections

A large chemical processing plant was keeping track of asset inspections on paper. With thousands of ladders, handrails and floor gratings on the list of assets that need regular safety inspection, the paper trail became exceedingly complex and time-intensive.

The plant was already using Unitag to communicate which assets were inspected and deemed safe, or out of use. To keep employees safe and the facility efficiently compliant, a solution was needed to replace time-consuming handwritten inspection reports.

Solution: a digital asset inspection trail

Scafftag proposed the SafeTrak software to replace the entire inspection paper trail with an online tool. All assets that need inspection can be set up in SafeTrak to make inspection planning and follow-ups much more practical. Asset inspections can be planned at regular intervals, and standard or custom inspection templates can be linked to each type of asset.

In-house inspectors receive a notification on their ATEX-compliant handheld device from SafeTrak and can start an inspection by scanning the asset’s RFID-enabled Multi-Tag from Scafftag. A pre-defined inspection template guides the inspectors in the field, and a report is shared automatically with stakeholders on inspection completion.

Assets are identified in the field with the RFID-enabled Unitag that can withstand intensive cleaning processes. The tag’s RFID-chip can be programmed to link the actual field asset to its corresponding inspection history and asset details in SafeTrak.

To answer specific customer needs, Scafftag customised the flexible SafeTrak software in just three months. This enabled customers to quickly and easily implement the solution in its existing inspection processes.

Result: fast inspection and automated reporting

The chemical processing plant can now inspect assets faster in a more accurate and easier way. More assets are inspected in a shorter time-span. Digital inspection reports are automatically generated and shared, and the time-consuming asset inspection paper trail is no longer needed.

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