Full colour precision signs for safety

Full colour precision signs for safety

Create a safer, more efficient workplace with compliant, photo-quality full-colour labels, signs and procedures that last.

Discover the BradyJet J4000 colour label printer. Balance the complexity of safety and compliance labels with the demands of an industrial environment while reducing safety signage inventory and material waste.

Features and benefits:

  • Regulatory labelling that offers the colours needed for ISO, CLP/GHS, ANSI, BS5609 and arc flash;
  • Extend label performance: Specially formulated materials and ink designed to stand up to harsh environments; and
  • Maximise impact, improve efficiency and reduce waste: Stock and print only what is needed, when it is needed, in photo-quality full colour every time.

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Create a Visual Workplace

Visual Workplace is a lean concept that’s all about putting important information right where employees need to see it. It plays a critical role in some of the most popular lean tools offered by Brady, including 5S. That’s because it creates a sustaining base for lean improvements to remain clearly visible, readily understood and consistently adhered to.

Download the free 5S Plus Guide here.

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