Get ready to build a better safety culture

Get ready to build a better safety culture

Amber, the health and safety communication platform, is officially here, and the beta software is ready to welcome all African safety professionals.

You may be among the 550+ safety professionals already enjoying the Amber Originals site and using the Covid-19, HIV or mental health posters, toolbox talks and workshops in your organisation. Amber’s complete offering is now available and you can move across to enjoy the full Amber experience, or sign up for the first time and join the Amber community of safety professionals already inspiring workers across Africa.

Why Amber? 

“Amber is the place for innovative safety professionals,” says Lindy Scott, founder and creative director at Amber.

“Amber beta software offers every safety professional, regardless of budget or location, the opportunity to deliver world-class, ready-to-run safety campaigns. It’s an end-to-end process with every resource required to create, deliver, record and manage branded safety campaigns. It helps safety professionals engage workers and leadership to build a better culture.”

Amber is subscription based and offers three packages; Free, Pro and Teams. This opens up the software to all safety professionals, be they an individual safety officer working with a limited budget and a small workforce or large organisations that have multiple sites. “Amber has a package that will work for you,” Scott says. It is also aligned with ISO 45001.

“Amber is fully aligned and here to support you. We have developed a free one-page visual context report feature that can be used to inspire and guide conversations regarding the scope of your organisation. The context report offers a time stamp, branding options and the placement of your logo. All Amber workshops are designed for participation and consultation of workers and leadership, with a lesson-learned report to track progress, insights and your commitment to building a better culture.”

Join Amber Free on today.

Content built for Africa

“Amber’s content is bright, bold and inspired by Africa. A combination of illustration and photography gives Amber its unique aesthetic loved by workers, safety professionals and leadership,” explains Scott. “All posters can be downloaded for print (in PDF) or digital (in PNG) in various sizes, allowing you to use Amber content across all your delivery channels.”

What can you expect from Amber?

You can expect how-to guides, attendance lists, paperwork and visual resources with a complete management suite. Examples of campaign topics include personal protective equipment, HIV, working at height, nutrition, slips, trips and falls, Covid-19 vaccines and mental health.

“The campaigns are inspired by gamification tactics, communication trends, teambuilding and design thinking. New professional communication campaigns are added monthly to keep you and your team engaged, informed and safe.

“Get ready to build a better culture, improve communication and record lessons learned.”

Sign up today and join the Amber community of safety professionals.

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