Great Taste, Good for the Planet

Great Taste, Good for the Planet

Buen Vato, the world’s first tequila in a bottle-shaped cardboard container made from 94% recycled material, will be launched in Europe in July 2022, starting in Sweden.

Tequila Buen Vato is on a mission to shake up the drinks industry by investing in sustainable manufacturing, transportation processes, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The revolutionary bottle is lighter to transport and offers a major COreduction in comparison to traditional industry methods.

The Swedish monopoly will be the first retailer in the world to launch and sell this unique product after Buen Vato was officially unveiled at the ProWein fair in Germany.

Buen Vato is a product of AliasSmith AB, which has invested in and developed Mexican brands in Europe over the last 18 years. In 2019 the company spent almost 1 500 hours reshaping the processes and physical structure of one of its best providers and took part in The Swedish Beverage Industry’s Climate Initiative, with the goal of reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

AliasSmith subsequently decided to invest in projects with the lowest possible negative impact and inspire the industry to do better. “The drinks industry needs a shake up, and sustainability needs to be placed at the heart of this transformation. That’s why we’ve launched Buen Vato. The cardboard bottle is just the start; Buen Vato will constantly redesign the production, packaging, and business model in order to reach perfect sustainability,” says Claes Puebla Smith, AliasSmith CEO.

“It’s time for a change where conscious consumers buy the nice cardboard bottles and, if they wish, pour their tequila into a crystal bottle at home,” says environmental engineer Omar Corona, head of AliasSmith’s pollution reduction programme. “Why continue polluting so much to enjoy a tequila?”

The spirit is produced in small batches in Amatitán Jalisco, Mexico, and AliasSmith is committed to working with its producers to achieve higher standards of sustainability and CSR. 

“We’re very proud of the CSR projects we’re involved with in Mexico, which improve the lives of the employees and their families. We want the world to join us in raising a glass and saying, ‘Here’s to Change’,” explains Mayra Zapata, head of CSR and comms at AliasSmith.

Buen Vato is currently negotiating with distributors from the UK, Italy, France, and Spain.

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