How you can sanitise your face

How you can sanitise your face

As South Africa battles the third Covid-19 wave, new hope in reducing the risk of infection comes just in time with the launch of an innovative and proven face sanitiser.

Produced by a proudly South African, Johannesburg-based, healthcare technology company, BSafe, Sanitising Facial Mist might just be the game-changer needed in our fight against pathogen infection …

It is widely known that Covid-19 and other viruses are airborne and enter our bodies through our face via the mouth, nose and eyes or by being transferred to our face from our hands.

So, our face is where the infection starts and where we should be fighting the battle against these harmful viruses.

Is Sanitising Facial Mist safe?

The new product has been brought to market by BSafe CEO, JJ Viljoen, and his team – based on previous technology that the team originally developed for the medical and dentistry industries.

The key ingredient? Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), which is naturally produced by our white blood cells to fight against pathogens and reduce inflammation.

What is remarkable about the Sanitising Facial Mist, unlike alcohol sanitisers, is that it is gentle enough for the face and skin, yet highly effective in doing the job of helping to kill viruses and other harmful germs.

Harnessing the power of previous medical developments

In 2020, with the start of the global outbreak of Covid-19, Viljoen and his team saw an opportunity to help protect people against infection. “We harnessed the power of technology to bring a natural, safe and alcohol-free facial sanitiser to the broader public – not as an alternative treatment for Covid-19, but rather as an aid to improving sanitation practices and reducing infection risk,” says Viljoen.

What guided the team’s thinking in the development phase were tests done on factory workers over an eight-hour period which showed that the microbial counts on their faces increased by 102%, on average, with an average increase of 104% over the second four-hour period.

Simple face touching saw the pathogens, capable of releasing millions of viruses, transferred into the airways, thus causing infection.

“When we saw this research around just how often we touch our faces and get infected by germs this way, we knew there was an opportunity to do something significant. Our natural facial sanitiser is a vital tool in the armour to fight contraction of Covid-19 and many other viruses,” says Viljoen.

SABS and CSIR tested and rated – up to 99,999%

BSafe’s Sanitising Facial Mist has received approval from the South African Bureau of Standards. In bactericidal and virucidal tests it was proven to be 99,9999% effective and in fungicidal and sporicidal tests over 99,99% effective. It has also been successfully tested against the coronavirus by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

Is this a cure for Covid-19?

“Absolutely not, nor is it an alternative to vaccines, but it’s an important part in the fight against Covid-19, as well as many other infections such as flu, measles, colds, pneumonia and tuberculosis, which are all a massive problem in South Africa,” says Viljoen. “The new BSafe Sanitising Facial Mist does not replace the need for face masks but rather it is aimed at improving safety.

“With consistent, everyday application, it will give consumers and medical professionals greater peace of mind that they are better protected against harmful germs and viruses when going about their daily activities.”

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