iBlow10 breathalyser: no contact, no fuss

iBlow10 breathalyser: no contact, no fuss

Angus MacArthur, director of Alcohol Breathalysers, highlights how the iBlow10 – a high-speed, no-contact alcohol breathalyser – is ideal for testing drivers at roadblocks and workers entering industrial sites and businesses.

The iBlow10 provides up to 12 tests per minute and doesn’t require a mouthpiece. It has a SuraCell fuel cell sensor, for ethanol specific alcohol testing, which provides a long calibration cycle of one year.

Passive mode detects the presence or absence of breath alcohol (which doesn’t require a mouthpiece), while the iBlow10 also offers active testing, where breath alcohol concentration is tested and displayed.

A digital display shows the results alongside a green or red LED for pass/fail scenarios (with a pre-set limit depending on industrial or law-enforcement requirements). Night-time lighting provides red, blue, or blue only options, which can be used to direct drivers/traffic in place of flashlights.

The device includes a built-in magnet for mounting on most metal surfaces – including poles, beams, and security gates – for no-touch self-breath testing. This means it seldom requires a stand or tripod.

The iBlow10 is offered in either full or basic pack options. Each includes the device, one USB cable, a yellow protective skin, and calibration certificate. Free downloadable PC software allows users to download the iBlow10’s memory, which holds up to 5 000 tests, for analysis and record keeping.

The full pack comes in an aluminium carry case, with 10 blow caps, while the basic pack comes in a cardboard carton and offers three blow caps.

Technical specifications
Sensor type SuraCell fuel cell sensor 
Battery Six AA alkaline batteries (included), or six rechargeable batteries (non-manganese) 
Weight (g)385 (incl. batteries, excl. carry case/carton) 
Dimensions (mm)275 x 50 x 50 
Test results (12 tests/minute)
LED alert display Zero: Green / Low: Red / High: Blinking red 
Buzzer alarmZero: One beep sound / Low: Repeating short beep / High: Long beep 
Warming up time 2 to 10 seconds (depending on temperature)
Analysis time Within 2 seconds at 000 Mg/L BrAC
Operation, Display, Functions & Features 
Operation temperature (°C)-5 to 55
Storage temperature (°C)-10 to 60 
Mouthpiece Blow cap (replaceable and washable passive cone type) 
Auto power off Adjustable: 30 to 900 seconds 
Display time Adjustable: 1 to 9 seconds 
Calibration interval Default – every 65 000 tests or 12 months, whichever comes first 
Additional functions/features Built-in magnet
 Reminder for calibration and grace period 
 Calibration protection 
 Manual LED lighting: White, red blinking, red, red and blue 
 Stores up to 5 000 tests in memory (downloadable)

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