JC Auditors offers free online safety performance assessment for transport operators

JC Auditors offers free online safety performance assessment for transport operators

In a move to promote road safety, leading certification body JC Auditors has announced it will provide transport operators with free access to an online safety performance assessment tool.

This initiative especially aims to assist smaller fleet operators, who often lack the resources to evaluate their overall safety performance. The online assessment also enables operators to gauge their performance in relation to the Road Transport Management System (RTMS) national standard.

The RTMS is a comprehensive framework designed to improve safety, efficiency, and compliance within the transport industry. It consists of several key pillars, including load management, driver wellness, vehicle maintenance, journey management, and driving behaviour.

By making this online safety performance assessment tool accessible, JC Auditors aims to enable transport operators to identify and mitigate risks, helping individual businesses but also thereby helping to improve South Africa’s road safety record. The assessment tool comprises a series of carefully crafted questions focusing on the key pillars of RTMS.

After completing the online evaluation, results are available to operators in a report detailing key risks and recommended improvement actions. This valuable feedback empowers operators to identify potential risks and take proactive measures to enhance safety standards within their operations.

“It is vitally important that transport operators – regardless of their fleet size – have access to resources that can help them enhance their safety performance. By providing this online assessment tool for free, we aim to support South African fleets in adopting RTMS and holistically improving road safety and operational performance,” emphasises JC Auditors managing director Oliver Naidoo.

JC Auditors has been actively advocating for safe transport operations in South Africa, and during the May Transport Forum, which it hosted, the company took the lead in discussing safe and sustainable road transport.

Naidoo highlights various crucial outcomes from the event, shedding light on pressing industry issues. “First and foremost, we need to build capacity in SMEs to embrace safety systems as an integral part of business,” he asserts.

“The old adage that the strongest chain is only as strong as the weakest link rings true. Serious truck accidents often cause national road closures for hours on end, impacting other transporters (many of whom are professional, safety focused entities), as well as public road users,” Naidoo continues. “Such accidents have a negative social impact and also severely affect the overall cost of transport. So, it is in the national interest that we should aim to gradually increase the number of safety-conscious, professional transporters on our roads.”

Speaking at the online event, Dr Paul Nordengen, RTMS National Steering Committee chairperson, highlighted the significant advantages witnessed in the heavy vehicle transport sector through the adoption of the RTMS in South Africa. Nordengen also reported on the significant productivity and safety gains observed in the Performance Based Standards (PBS) pilot project, noting: “Companies that have implemented PBS are experiencing a wide range of benefits including improved road safety, reduced environmental impact, and cost savings.”

At the event, Annah Ngxeketo, the founder of SMME operator Mamoja Trading & Projects, shared her company’s transformative journey in transporting mining products. She pointed out that, since achieving RTMS compliance, Mamoja has witnessed tangible advantages in its business operations. Challenges such as prolonged downtime, missed vehicle servicing, and driver incidents have been effectively addressed through RTMS implementation. The company has implemented a comprehensive maintenance schedule plan that undergoes continuous monitoring, while it also conducts route risk assessments, enforces a speeding policy, and ensures drivers are managed in a professional and progressive manner.

“The adoption and implementation of RTMS as well as other international standards play a pivotal role in enhancing road safety in South Africa and ensuring the efficient transportation of cargo throughout the country,” concludes Naidoo.

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