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Once in a while you come across an idea so simple it can revolutionise a country. Claw Boots, with its COME n GO concept, has done just that!

In 2018, Claw Boots launched its COME n GO directional signalling system, partnering high visibility with directional awareness. By adopting this new COME n GO directional signalling system – where  ACID / GREEN = COME (facing) and ORANGE = GO (unsighted / turned away) – not only do you see the person, but you know that the person wearing GREEN on his or her chest may be able to see you. In sharp contrast, the person wearing ORANGE is unsighted and you need to be more careful.

This simple COME n GO system is about to do for safety, what traffic lights did for the flow of road traffic and safety in general.


Not only does COME n GO give the advantage of directional awareness, it also does the following:

Enhances safety and security: Highly visible people are easy to spot in unauthorised/no go areas. Accidents are also minimised, and people are more cautious and aware.

Increases productivity: Hand in hand with directional high visibility comes increased productivity, as all players are very aware of every movement or lack of movement.

Enhances departmental supervision: By giving departments differing peripheral coloured garments, supervisors can see at a glance who is in the correct department and who is wandering around in other departments.

Increases savings: By adopting COME n GO, employers need not buy both uniforms and high-visibility vests for employees.

Garments in the COME n GO clothing range improve visibility even in badly lit areas and in poor weather. Items are adaptable to all sectors of industry and everyday life.

Since its launch, phenomenal interest has been expressed in COME n GO clothing by many sectors of the market, among them the mining and construction industries; breweries and bottling plants; prisons and security services; the logistics industry; traffic controllers, energy producers; and railway, airport and harbour services. Applications for which the COME n GO range can be used are endless.

Sasol Synfuels’ safety management has recently approved the use of COME n GO garments on synfuels sites. The garments – which are proudly made in South Africa by South Africans – are manufactured to the company’s specifications and carry the SABS mark of approval.         

On presentation of the COME n GO concept to Shameemah van Koert, head of the safety department at TMS, a leading contractor to Sasol Synfuels, and Wouter Roux, the divisional manager, the safety team immediately recognised the significant impact the clothing could play in the stringent safety programmes at both TMS and Sasol. Jannie Venter, head of safety at Synfuels, agreed to the COME n GO concept and gave permission for contractors to wear COME n GO on Sasol’s synfuels sites.

The COME n GO product range is vast, ranging from Conti suits, shirts, trousers, T-shirts, rain suits, ponchos and winter jackets.   All garments are manufactured to the highest specs from a variety of top-quality materials, including SABS D59 with flame-retardant and acid-resistant properties, to inexpensive poly-cotton garments used in everyday life.

COME n GO is not limited to use in industry, but is also ideally suited to keeping pedestrians safe. For instance, by adopting COME n GO clothing and wearing it after leaving the sanctuary of a school ground, learners would be seen more easily by motorists, who would also be able to recognise the direction in which they were walking.

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