KitKat finds a substitute for sugar

Cacao pulp – which, until now, has been largely regarded as a waste product – has been successfully used as a substitute for sugar in a new Nestlé KitKat which has gone on sale in Japan

Nestlé has launched the KitKat Chocolatory Cacao Fruit Chocolate – the company’s first product to be made entirely from cocoa fruit. The KitKat wafer is coated with a 70-percent dark chocolate that uses the beans and pulp from the cocoa fruit as its only ingredients.

Developed by Nestlé’s KitKat Chocolatory boutiques in Japan, the launch of the product follows an announcement earlier this year that the company had discovered a way to sweeten chocolate solely with cocoa pulp, with no compromise on taste, texture or quality. In a statement, a Nestlé spokesman says further products will follow in other countries next year.

“This new product was developed by KitKat Chocolatory to not only allow people to discover the new charms of cacao, but also to draw attention to the sustainability of food,” the statement says. “Using the dried, powdered white cacao pulp that surrounds cacao beans as a substitute for sugar allows enjoyment of the whole cacao fruit.”

Until now, cacao pulp – which is said to have a distinct sour-sweet taste – has been largely regarded as a waste product. According to the statement, in Brazil and other cacao-producing countries in Latin America, small portions of the pulp are sometimes used in drinks and smoothies, and as a raw ingredient for ice cream. Juice can also be extracted from it, but its use had not spread beyond that.

“Introduction of the new KitKat represents a breakthrough – for the first time, cacao pulp has been successfully used as a substitute for sugar,” the statement concludes.

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