Laying foundations through training

Laying foundations through training

KBC Health & Safety, in conjunction with De Beers, BMH Africa and Worley, is involved with a flagship housing project in Musina, Limpopo Province. The project is expected to stimulate further economic development in the area.

KBC worked closely with contractor BMH Africa from the inception of the project to determine the precise training needed for full scopes of work. From early on it was stipulated that undergoing a basic health and safety induction was a requirement for everyone involved, whether they were a general worker or a supervisor.

Because this was a major construction project, KBC identified additional training interventions that were deemed essential. These were working at heights, hand and power tools handling, and scaffolding erecting and inspection.

The main aim of the KBC training is to impart safe working procedures to all workers, especially in terms of the latest international standards such as ISO 45001. This means not only training workers how to do the job properly, but how to do so as safely as possible.

“What is most exciting for us as a training solutions provider is the lasting legacy that our services have on the local community,” comments KBC business development manager Sugan Munien. It is important to ensure that KBC imparts much-needed skills to those most in need, and that it lays the foundation for future success.

KBC is also collaborating with BMH Africa on an extension of this initial project to take into account the varying skill levels of local community workers. “This means we will be able to cater for individuals with no work experience or qualifications; those who have passed a trade test but lack the relevant experience to be employed; and those with experience but no formal qualifications with which to underwrite their skills,” says Munien.

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