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Legally Speaking

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26th Feb 2020

Workmen’s compensation and volunteers

Are volunteer emergency responders – such as a firefighters – entitled to claim compensation if they are injured on duty? ALBERT MUSHAI and ROBERT...

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15th Jan 2020

Injury compensation: SA versus UK

To better understand the challenges of providing compensation to injured employees, Albert Mushai and Robert Vivian compare a compensation court case in the United...

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18th Oct 2019

The illegality principle and claims for damages

Albert Mushai and Robert Vivian argue that without a specific clause in an insurance contract that excludes liability of the insurer for claims under...

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21st Aug 2019

Is workmen’s compensation a social welfare phenomenon?

Dr Albert Mushai and Professor Robert W Vivian argue that workmen’s compensation probably has little to do with social welfare Workmen’s compensation is usually...

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19th Jun 2019

Silicosis compensation: whose problem is it?

Evidence suggests that trusts do not provide the best solutions to the problems of compensation for occupational diseases – especially when dealing with the...

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26th Feb 2019

Product recall and liability of manufacturers in class-action lawsuits

With the Tiger Brands listeriosis outbreak still fresh in our minds and now the centre of a class-action lawsuit, it’s pertinent to study a...

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25th Oct 2018

Vicarious Liability and the Demise of Independent-Contractor Defence

As far as employers are concerned, the liability they incur towards third parties invariably involves the doctrine of vicarious liability. However, the nature of...

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24th Aug 2018

Resolution of the silicosis class action

Litigation is not an efficient way of dealing with the matter of occupational disease. We have previously dealt with two occupational health matters. The...

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26th Jun 2018

Silicosis litigation – the settlement

With an out-of-court settlement taking place recently, the time is right to resolve the question of compensation for occupational diseases. We have previously discussed...

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