Lockout/Tagout for efficient maintenance

Lockout/Tagout for efficient maintenance

Ontex, a leading international personal hygiene group, wanted to achieve a high level of safety and efficiency for machine maintenance interventions. Brady Corporation had the perfect solution with its Lockout/Tagout procedures.

Together with a specialised distributor, Brady offered its expert safety procedure writing service, LINK360 safety procedure software, and the devices and padlocks to implement Lockout/Tagout in the workplace. In total, about 350 procedures were offered to Ontex stakeholders via the LINK360 software, which allows for easy approval, copying, editing, communicating and scaling of machine-specific safety procedures.

The distributor and Brady established a comprehensive lock-&-key plan to fit specific Ontex requirements, based on customer-approved lockout procedures. This included carefully laid out key hierarchies with master and grandmaster keys at several management levels for the various types of suggested locks.

With distributor partner support, Brady also provided the actual lockout devices and SafeKey padlocks to implement the lockout procedures in the Ontex workplace. Every SafeKey lock was customised with a serial number engraving and they were delivered in lock boxes per set of 10.

Ontex Buggenhout can now efficiently communicate the use of optimal lockout-tools in step-by-step machine-specific lockout procedures, illustrated with photos taken on-site. Easy compliance with the approved procedures increases maintenance safety, speed and efficiency.

Management can also easily edit, approve and communicate changes from a central, digital location. Every digitally approved procedure can then be printed and attached to relevant machines, or can be accessed directly by employees via tablet or smartphone.

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