New NOSA service offering enhances businesses

To keep up with international business trends, Nosa is embarking on a digitisation journey to become a business enhancer, starting with the acquisition of IsoMetrix. Nosa Group CEO Karl Campbell provides some insights

As the globe becomes progressively immersed in the technology revolution, the need to heed the constant refrain to “digitise or die” is increasingly imperative. More and more, corporates and learning institutions are compelled to adapt and adjust current models of business to sustain relevance in flux.

Having said that, an indiscriminate effort to “come online”, based on the knee-jerk alarm at being left behind can result in greater damage than doing nothing at all. Ultimately, this becomes a hollow exercise, rendering the company obsolete and redundant.

Most crucial to understanding where an organisation fits in the digital space, is recognising where this technological revolution exists within the more pressing issue of climate change and the worldwide environmental crisis as the latter indubitably sets the parameters for how an institution forecasts its future position and prospects.   

Take the example of vehicle manufacturers Volkswagen, Nissan and BMW. They have joined the call to convert the market to electric-powered cars in spite of Eskom’s persistent electricity supply challenges and the prevailing 23-percent import tariff on electric vehicles. This push comes on the heels of heightened global demand for e-solutions that effect concerted change in the existing combustion market.

It is not only in the consumer space where considerable change is being accomplished on a grand scale. Swedish mining equipment maker Epiroc AB aims to electrify all its machine for underground use in mines within five years.

When major conglomerates become the pioneers of systematic and systemic change within industry, it is a clear sign that what was once a mere suggestion to adjust, is now an overwhelming demand to adapt policy or risk the company’s inevitable expiration date.

It is within this context that Nosa embarks on its digitisation journey. In its current business iteration, Nosa navigates the delicate balance between its continued efforts to provide quality risk-management services and introducing cutting-edge, digital solutions. Without compromising on quality, Nosa is fully committed to redefining its mandate to move into the position of business enhancer by offering managed services within the data driven space.

While still in its infancy, the renewed strategy reimagines the services Nosa takes to the occupational risk-management market. The first step is its recent acquisition of Johannesburg-headquartered IsoMetrix, an environmental, health and safety (EHS) and risk-management software vendor, ranked in the 2019 Verdantix EHS Leaders Quadrant.

Nosa and IsoMetrix will sit as complementary sister businesses. This move reinforces the importance of becoming more customer-centric and moving up the customer value chain. IsoMetrix provides Nosa with the technological platform to achieve this.

The acquisition is just the first of several new services planned for the market. Nosa now has the digital building blocks for two of its strategic initiatives: A market-leading EHS software solution and e-learning.

It is in the early stages of transformation, but Nosa believes that on looking back in the next few years, the value proposition would have shifted significantly. It’s a full revolution. In fact, it’s revolutionary.  

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