NOSA accredited for CO2 analysis and testing

When it comes to beverages, carbon dioxide (CO2) provides effervescence, a level of acidity and some protection against microbiological growth. It provides all this without the beverage looking, smelling or tasting strange, and without any undesirable levels of trace impurities.

The food industry also employs CO2 for food-processing applications, such as chilling and freezing, modified atmosphere packaging and temperature control for products being stored and transported.

However, as CO2 is obtained as a bi-product, it must undergo effective purification for suitability as a direct food additive in beverages.

Gas suppliers must, therefore, measure and control the levels of trace impurities in the purified CO2, and, similarly, CO2 users have a responsibility to take appropriate steps to ensure that suppliers have met this responsibility.

Nosa Testing’s methodologies and facilities for CO2 testing are now accredited, by South African National Accreditation System (Sanas) under ISO 17025.

Nosa Testing is equipped to provide chemical testing for all CO2 methods, including:

• CO2 – 204  Determination of total sulphurs in CO2.

• CO2 – 205  Determination of permanent gases in CO2.

• CO2 – 208  Determination of BTEX and hydrocarbons except 1-Butene in CO2.

• CO2 – 209  Determination of purity of CO2 by the Caustic Absorption Method.

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