Nothing can kill an Armourdillo

Select PPE launched its Armourdillo safety helmet, inspired by the armadillo, at the Electra Mining Africa 2018 exhibition. SHEQ MANAGEMENT was there to find out more about this unique hard hat.

The 2018 Electra Mining Africa Exhibition was held at Nasrec Expo Centre, Johannesburg, from September 10 to 14. Personal protective equipment (PPE) supplier Select PPE was among the companies exhibiting.

Fabian Denson, product sourcing and quality director at Select PPE, said: “We choose to exhibit at Electra Mining Africa because the show attracts quality buyers from the mining industry. Moreover, the show attracts many visitors from related sectors who take safety seriously.”

Select PPE launched the new, versatile and durable Armourdillo hard hat at the exhibition.

When asked about the Armourdillo, Denson said: “Nothing can kill an armadillo … well, almost nothing. If it feels threatened it will roll up into a ball to defend itself. We are positioning this product to cater for the intermediate head-protection market.”

A lot of hard hats are made to work with only a specific brand of accessories such as earmuffs, goggles and chin straps. “However, in the case of the Armourdillo, most accessories from various other brands will fit onto the hard hat without any alterations.

“Adding to the uniqueness of the Armourdillo hard hat is its design, as the attachment for the cap lamp bracket (on the mining version) is moulded into the hard hat. No drilling is required to add the bracket; thus the integrity of the hard hat is not compromised,” explained Denson.

The Armourdillo hard hat is also available with both open and closed vents and there are mining or industrial options suitable for use in different industries.

Uncomfortable or ill-fitting PPE will often be removed by the employee, which puts them at risk of an injury. If it’s easy to get the perfect fit, employees are also safer.

Denson explained that the Armourdillo features a one-handed ratchet fastening system, which makes adjusting the hard hat to fit a specific individual effortless. It is adjustable to head sizes of 52 to 66 cm, and the liners are available in four-point and six-point (adjustable to four point) options.

Denson continued: “Look down at everyone’s shoes – all of them in different colours and styles. Today, people want something that looks good and, therefore, aesthetics were another important consideration for us when deciding on the design.” This is why the Armourdillo has a bit more style and comes in a variety of colours to suit all needs.

Most importantly, the Armourdillo is durable. “Strength is not always associated with lightweight materials, but this is integral to what we wanted to achieve with this hard hat. The Armourdillo is made of ABS plastic, which is lightweight and unobtrusive, while at the same time being rigid and durable,” Denson concluded.

For more information contact Select PPE.

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