POPIA a must!

POPIA a must!

The global Covid-19 pandemic has seen employees around the world working from home. Now it’s introduced another dynamic: scams and security breaches are steadily increasing as employees go about their work remotely.

“People are more comfortable at home and tend to let their guard down,” says Stuart Oberholzer, information security compliance manager at PaySpace, a payroll and human capital management software provider. “There has been a steep increase in phishing attacks globally, for example, because in their own environment, people are more likely to click on dubious links in emails and such like.

“Ransomware and web-based attacks are on the rise too. People who are scared of getting the virus are eager to find out the latest information on the pandemic, and are being exploited by clever cybercriminals, who use links pretending to offer new information to lure them into visiting websites, which potentially expose them to a number of external threats.”

This is a very real growing concern, he says. “The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) has been introduced, outlining the ways in which businesses need to protect personal data from any security incident or compromise, particularly in the case of data breaches and data theft.”

By July 1 next year, all organisations in South Africa must comply with POPIA. “However, because PaySpace takes the privacy of all personal data extremely seriously, we have put a range of controls in place to ensure we are already in compliance with POPIA.”

All PaySpace systems have been aligned with the latest international privacy standard (ISO 27701) to make sure the company meets international best practices when it comes to data privacy. PaySpace is also fully compliant with other international data protection regulations, such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and the California Consumer Privacy Act. 

“This new ISO standard is focused specifically on data privacy and is essentially an add-on to our existing ISO 27001 certification. Aligning ourselves with this best practice enables PaySpace to conduct business with any company around the world, while offering customers the assurance that data privacy is maintained.”

Because PaySpace is a cloud-based solution, customers can manage their own data too. “At any time, PaySpace users can access and, if need be, correct their details, ensuring their information is always accurate.”

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