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22nd Sep 2021

Hygiene in a pandemic – is your business delivering confidence?

Hygiene in a pandemic – is your business delivering confidence? 20th Aug 2021 If you took someone from 2019 and dropped them without warning...

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20th Aug 2021

Lexus rocks the electrified market!

Lexus rocks the electrified market! 20th Aug 2021 Lexus has now sold over two million electrified vehicles globally! Meanwhile, the hybrid-only UX crossover range...

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28th Jul 2021

99,9999% of viruses gone!

99,9999% of viruses gone! 17th Jun 2021 Rentokil Initial is proud to announce an agreement to distribute the VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifier range. It’s the...

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6th May 2021

Training true heroes of safety

Training true heroes of safety 19th Apr 2021 As a frontrunner in non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspections for 96 years, including 38 years in...

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24th Feb 2021

Partnering to make a real difference to HSE and industry training

Partnering to make a real difference to HSE and industry training 24th Feb 2021 The DEKRA Institute of Learning (IOL) and the Swift Skills...

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11th Jan 2021

90 Noscars and counting

90 Noscars and counting 11th Dec 2020 SGB-Cape is unwavering when it comes to health and safety. This is evident from the number of...

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11th Jan 2021

150 and counting

150 and counting 17th Dec 2020 While some people view challenges as deterrents, others latch on and turn them into opportunities. Sweet-Orr, a leading...

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17th Aug 2020

Your eyes, our passion

Your eyes, our passion 17th Aug 2020 No longer designed only as protection devices, Univet’s safety glasses are stylish and comfortable, encouraging more people...

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11th May 2020

Unmasking local innovation

With the world on lockdown, local businesses are innovating to ensure essential products are still available. We celebrate these unsung heroes The Covid-19 global...

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24th Apr 2020

Gloves on or off?

The global Covid-19 pandemic has really put hand hygiene in the spotlight. Which, as a hygiene services provider, is where Initial Hygiene – part...

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20th Jan 2020

At the heart of the matter

BLAKE GRACE, director of Ventria, a company that delivers an all-in-one managed automated external defibrillator (AED) solution, discusses sudden cardiac arrest and the importance...

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15th Jan 2020

Volkswagen produces world-class quality

The successful audit of the various quality-management systems in place at Volkswagen Group South Africa has reaffirmed the organisation’s position as a world-class manufacturer...

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14th Jan 2020

A decade of award – winning safety

SGB-Cape snatched up a total of 17 awards for its impeccable safety standards at the 2019 NOSCAR Awards. MARISKA MORRIS gains some expert insights...

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21st Aug 2019

Join the directional revolution

Once in a while you come across an idea so simple it can revolutionise a country. Claw Boots, with its COME n GO concept,...

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24th Apr 2019

Kusasalethu Mine Adopts State-of-the-Art MSA Multigas Detection System

In the setting of a modern mine, simply having a working gas detector has now become insufficient. As traceability and accountability for worker safety...

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