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Risk Perspective

Our regular columns and sections are all contributions from leading industry figures.

17th Jun 2021

The value of being innovation-ready!

The value of being innovation-ready! 17th Jun 2021 Organisations are constantly manoeuvring through a cloud of uncertainties and risks. They have to assess whether...

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6th May 2021

Managing sustainable procurement

Managing sustainable procurement 16th Apr 2021 Managing sustainable procurement risks and opportunities is a balancing act. Hope Kiwekete discusses the importance of understanding the...

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24th Feb 2021

A rose by any other name?

A rose by any other name? 24th Feb 2021 The popular reference from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, “a rose by any other...

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8th Oct 2020

Managing legal risks

Managing legal risks 8th Oct 2020 The mere mention of pending or potential legal issues tends to cause a shiver down one’s spine! Hope...

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17th Aug 2020

Managing quality during a pandemic

Managing quality during a pandemic 17th Aug 2020 Quality management is a crucial element in any organisation. It should be approached like a dance,...

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2nd Jul 2020

Risk communication: For better or worse

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the fact that there is no better time to communicate than during a time of crisis, and the uncertainty...

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26th Feb 2020

Benefits of consultancy services outweigh risks

The ISO 20700 Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services offer a wealth of information for delivery of management consultancy services. Here are some insights  Despite...

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18th Oct 2019

Why are social-risk discussions so hard?

The risk landscape is ever changing and there will never be a dull moment for risk practitioners Many organisations are striving to uplift the...

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21st Aug 2019

Key questions for monitoring and review of risk/opportunities

One of the most frequently asked questions is: how often should risks and opportunities be reviewed and monitored? The answer helps us establish whether...

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19th Jun 2019

Adopting a risk mindset

It is not too late for all sectors of industry to take lessons from the recent Boeing 737 MAX tragedy and adopt workplace strategies...

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24th Apr 2019

Forewarned is not always forearmed

From natural environmental disasters to the impact on the environment by human activity, there are countless factors to consider when it comes to the...

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26th Feb 2019

When risk controls fail

During December 2018, I experienced a scenario that could trigger a debate on what happens when risk controls fail One of the critical skills...

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15th Jan 2019

Achieving sustained success with ISO 9004:2018

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published its new quality management standard, ISO 9004:2018, which aims to help companies achieve sustained success. According...

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25th Oct 2018

Jumping without a ‘chute?

Why do some employers fail to manage occupational health and safety (OHS) risks? General Colin Powell is a retired United States (US) Army general...

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24th Aug 2018

Exploring the revised ISO 19011:2018

The new standard places emphasis on risks, opportunities and auditor competence. Have you ever wondered why auditors are often referred to as the backbone,...

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