Safety Culture


Safety Culture

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14th January 2020

A pat on the back

Praise from a manager can encourage safe behaviour in the workplace. BRETT SOLOMON takes a look at the science that backs this up An...

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18th October 2019

Don’t tell me what to do

Like sports coaches, wise managers empower their employees to make necessary decisions within their roles and responsibilities – and the rules of the game...

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21st August 2019

Mayday, mayday: we are having a mental meltdown

Do you sometimes battle to understand human behaviour in a stressful situation? Understanding how the brain works will help Without warning, smoke gushes into...

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19th June 2019

Excuse me, what did you just say?

Safety cannot be spoken about in isolation. It needs to be integrated into all discussions and actions in the workplace. The trick is to...

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24th April 2019

Come on Andy

Often it is the employees that can influence relational dynamics in their workplace – but knowing how to do so successfully is key My...

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26th February 2019

The psychology of influence

Understanding how the human brain works, and how the hormones it produces affect our actions, is a key tool in fostering healthy relationships and...

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15th January 2019

Human side of safety

To create a successful health and safety culture in an organisation, it is important to invest in the employees and management to ensure that...

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25th June 2018

The US$ 9-trillion solution

How do we break through the safety ceiling? Implementing more safety systems or procedures is not the answer … engaging our people is. “More?...

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23rd April 2018

Watch Out – The Emotional Circus is in Town

How does our emotional state impact our decision-making ability in the workplace? Significantly, says Brett Solomon. In a study, the universities of Ben Gurion...

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