Safety from the Heart


Safety from the Heart

Our regular columns and sections are all contributions from leading industry figures.

17th Aug 2020

Lessons from a semiotic walk on the Danube Island

Lessons from a semiotic walk on the Danube Island 17th Aug 2020 A stroll on the Danube Island leads our columnist to ponder the...

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31st Jul 2020

Our world is not your ashtray!

Our world is not your ashtray! 31st Jul 2020 Our columnist’s blood boils when he sees cigarette butts lying on the ground. He says...

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24th Apr 2020

Do we listen with intent?

A chance encounter with an Australian led our columnist to ponder the importance of listening with intent – and not just hearing. He writes...

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17th Feb 2020

The unsafe “in-group” on our roads

The more people break the rules of the road, the more tolerant others become of at-risk behaviour, and in time they, too, start to...

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18th Oct 2019

Is our approach to safety crazy or committed?

Are we approaching safety with a “get out of jail free card” or are we doing safety for all the right reasons? As members...

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21st Aug 2019

Engagement is key to success

When working towards an improved safety culture within an organisation, engagement is essential In my previous column, I spoke about developing a good safety...

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19th Jun 2019

Fundamentals of good safety

Simply getting the basics right provides the foundation for developing a good safety culture in the workplace. In the first of a series of...

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24th Apr 2019

Are we our own worst enemy?

It is a common cliché: safety is a line responsibility, right… However, is this really understood? Nobody is more equipped with the authority and...

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26th Feb 2019

Being part of “group safety”

It’s human nature for people to need to “belong” and “be accepted”, and this has a direct effect on their behaviour All of us...

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24th Oct 2018

Take a lesson or two from scuba divers

The importance of following the rules can never be overstressed – especially when you risk a pulmonary embolism, are sitting on the sea bed...

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24th Aug 2018

Giving safety a sporting chance 

Safety is not a sport, and all sporting disciplines are not safe. Nevertheless, we can and should take safety principles from sport into the...

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25th Jun 2018

A tough job

Occupational health – simply injuries on a different timeline. I recently watched a documentary about sulphur mining on an Indonesian island off East Java....

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23rd Apr 2018

More lessons from the military

In the last issue we discussed the fact that, just as in the military, good leadership in business is important to ensure that employees...

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