SHEQ MANAGEMENT is going to Berlin

SHEQ MANAGEMENT is going to Berlin

SHEQ MANAGEMENT Magazine is an official press partner for the fifth annual EHS Congress, taking place on September 13 and 14, 2022, in Berlin.

“The EHS Congress has catapulted itself into the centre of the health and safety community by providing an unparalleled combination of high-quality presentations. It has brought together hundreds of important thought leaders and has been the annual meeting point for all health and safety professionals from across Europe and beyond,” explains Prof Andrew Sharman, Congress chairman, managing partner at RMS, and long-time SHEQ MANAGEMENT columnist.

“In 2022, more than ever, the EHS Congress will provide the background for our attendees to define the future of health and safety by gathering the most relevant experts from all major industries. It’s a great place to initiate collaboration, brainstorm new ideas and concepts, and meet other EHS leaders who have the responsibility to bring their workers back home safely every day. I hope to see you in Berlin for the 2022 EHS Congress to meet and hear from world-class speakers and attendees alike!” Sharman enthuses.

Despite the pandemic, last year’s event managed to connect more than 170 EHS delegates in Berlin. “For 2022 we are anticipating an even larger turnout as the pandemic is slowly losing momentum,” says Aron Tozser, EHS Congress project director. “As this is our fifth anniversary, we are preparing a number of gifts and entertainment for our attendees.”

There will also be a book giveaway, breakout workshops, hotspot panel discussions, roundtables, a gala dinner, and online streaming at the Congress.

“Just like in 2021, with the Working Well book, we will be distributing a newly-released health and safety book. Exclusive to the EHS Congress attendees, each delegate will receive this complimentary gift to enhance take-home knowledge from the event,” adds Tozser.

“We’re introducing workshops of 120 minutes at the end of day one for the first time, just before the dinner. Each attendee can choose a workshop from world-class safety thought leaders when they register,” he continues.

“At the end of day two we will host the roundtables. This is the final session of the event, allowing delegates to dig into each of the discussed topics from the conference and analyse them with their peers. Afterwards each group will report back their findings or, alternatively, we hear everyone sharing their one key take-away message from the event.”

All of the attendees in Berlin will also receive a complimentary virtual link for the EHS Congress to share with colleagues, who will be able to follow the two-day proceedings. “Virtual attendees are fully involved – from the first minute of the first day until the very end of day two’s roundtables – and can also ask the speakers questions,” notes Tozser.

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