Stop spills from spreading

Stop spills from spreading

Spill berms and spill pallets are essential tools for safely handling and containing hazardous liquids. KEVIN MURPHY, MD of environment, health, and safety provider Spill Doctor, sheds some light on these products.

Using spill berms and spill pallets when working with hazardous liquids has many benefits. Firstly, it helps to prevent spills from spreading and causing damage to the environment, which is an important consideration when working with hazardous materials.

Additionally, spill berms and pallets make clean-up much easier, greatly reducing the amount of time and resources required to clean up a spill. Most importantly, they offer protection for workers and the surrounding area from the potential dangers posed by hazardous liquids.

What is a spill berm?

Spill berms are barriers that are placed around an area where hazardous liquids are being stored or handled. They are typically made of durable materials such as PVC or polyurethane and can be quickly and easily set up to create an effective barrier around a spill.

Spill berms are also ideal for use in outdoor areas, as their rapid deployment can prevent spills from reaching nearby waterways or other sensitive natural areas.

What is a spill pallet?

Spill pallets, on the other hand, are designed to be used as a base for containers of hazardous liquids. They are typically made of heavy-duty materials such as steel or plastic, and are designed to contain spills and leaks from drums or other containers.

Spill pallets are generally geared towards indoor use, as they are designed to be placed on a solid surface such as a concrete floor.

Which should you choose?

In general, both spill berms and pallets are extremely useful – even essential – tools to have on hand when working with hazardous liquids. However, whether you need a spill berm or a pallet will of course depend on the specific circumstances of your storage and handling of hazardous liquids.

Regardless of your operation, however, both spill berms and spill pallets are crucial in ensuring the safe handling and containment of hazardous liquids, and it is strongly advised that any company handling hazardous materials invests in these beneficial products.

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