Triple digits and rising

Triple digits and rising

With the 13 Noscars won in 2022 by SGB-Cape, a division of Waco Africa, the company has now received a total of 117 of the respected safety awards from Nosa over the years.

SGB-Cape, one of the largest industrial service companies in Africa, is proud to announce the branches that have received a Noscar in 2022. At the annual branch managers’ conference, the following branches were awarded a Noscar:

  • Octorex Insulation, Kusile Power Station
  • SGB-Cape, Cape Town
  • SGB-Cape, Durban
  • SGB-Cape, Gauteng Branch
  • SGB-Cape Power Region, Kelvin Power Station
  • SGB-Cape, Richards Bay
  • SGB-Cape, Sappi Saiccor
  • SGB-Cape, Vanderbijlpark, Vaal Branch
  • SGB-Cape Industrial Services, Walvis Bay
  • SGB-Cape Rope Access, Secunda
  • TEDOC SGB-Cape Joint Venture, Kusile Power Station

International winners:

  • SGB-Cape Rope Access, Kusile Power Station
  • Waco Africa Zambia

“We take these awards very seriously, as they are a stark reminder and motivation for us to keep to our commitment of zero harm, which is an unending quest,” says Thabo Modumaela, SHEQ director at SGB-Cape. “We have adopted the strategy of focusing on employee behaviour, industrial psychology, and neuro-engineering the mindset of our management. This approach, which focuses on appealing to the attitude and behaviour of the individual, brings an element of behaviour transformation by humanising the health and safety application at the workplace.”

The company’s efforts are certainly paying off. On November 18, 2022, SGB-Cape won another three awards at the prestigious Health and Safety Awards for Excellence – which were hosted by The Federated Employers Assurance Company (FEM).

To put this into context, FEM insures about 6 000 construction companies under workers’ compensation. Due to the stringent criteria, less than 3% of these companies even qualify to be nominated, while only a select few actually win an award.

“SGB-Cape was the biggest winner, as we emerged with the following three awards,” Modumaela points out:

  • 1st Place, High Risk Large Employer: SGB-Cape Power Region
  • 4th Place, High Risk Small Employer: SGB-Cape Vaal
  • 5th Place, High Risk Small Employer: SGB-Cape Secunda

“SGB-Cape is committed to ensuring that our employees are provided with a safe working environment. The commitment of both management and employees cannot be overemphasised,” Modumaela adds. “Without it, we would not be able to achieve our remarkable HSE record. We always look forward to pushing boundaries and do not accept the status quo or past norms.”

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