Volkswagen produces world-class quality

A recent audit of various quality management systems in place at Volkswagen Group South Africa has reaffirmed the organisation’s position as a world-class manufacturer

A week-long audit, conducted in the fourth quarter of last year by technics company TÜV Nord, has found Volkswagen Group South Africa (VWSA) compliant with requirements set out in the international ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard, the European VDA 6.1:2016 quality management standard, and the European directive for vehicle manufacturing RREG 2007/46/EG.

The Eastern Cape-based vehicle manufacturer once again received certifications for meeting the highest international standards, the annual management-system audit indicating the company’s commitment to quality and success in a global market.

The audit covered the manufacturing plant in Uitenhage, sales and marketing offices in Johannesburg and the parts and accessories facility in Centurion in Gauteng. “These certifications prove that VWSA remains a world-class manufacturing facility,” says Thomas Schaefer, chairman and managing director of VWSA.

“It shows our customers, both locally and abroad, that we are compliant with international standards and committed to excellence. I am proud of the work done by VWSA to ensure we deliver the highest-quality product to our customers and of each employee who continues to fulfil that promise.”

In the closing meeting of the audit, TÜV Nord made special mention of VWSA’s standardised shop-floor management system across its production areas; its thorough tracking of performance; the continuous improvement evident in all areas relating to system control and technology development; the company’s successful growth in new markets; and its strategy for keeping employees motivated.

TÜV Nord is responsible for auditing the occupational health, safety, environmental and energy systems at many of the Volkswagen Group plants across the world. The VWSA Uitenhage plant was the first of the 119 production plants in the Volkswagen Group production network to receive its ISO 9001:2015 certificate from TÜV Nord back in 2015.

It took the quality-assurance department just six weeks to meet the requirements of the standard after its introduction.

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