Work smarter, label larger

Work smarter, label larger

Brady’s M511 label printer lets you work smarter, not harder. Whether you’re in need of a device for a large-scale industrial project or a small home business, the M511 is designed to meet various labelling needs.

The Brady M511 stands out due to its ability to label larger. With this printer, you can print bigger, clearer messages that are easily readable and highly visible. This feature is particularly beneficial for safety labels, warehouse labels, or any setting where clear communication is vital.

Another significant feature that sets the Brady M511 apart is its ability to go edge to edge. This feature lets you maximise the label’s surface area, ensuring that you make the most out of every print: no more worrying about running out of space for your messages or designs.

The M511 also allows you to design and print on the fly. With this feature, you can create designs directly on the printer without needing a separate PC. This not only enhances convenience but also boosts efficiency by reducing the time spent on transferring designs from a computer to the printer.

For those who prefer designing on a PC, the Brady M511 label printer has you covered. You can easily connect it to your PC and import data for printing. This feature makes it easy to print labels that require specific data such as barcodes, serial numbers, or other unique identifiers.

One of the most exciting features of this printer is the ability to share files and connect up to five users simultaneously. This makes the M511 a standout choice for busy workplaces or environments with multiple users.

In summary, the Brady M511 label printer offers a range of features designed to make any labelling tasks easier and more efficient. From labelling larger and printing bigger, clearer messages to designing on the go and connecting multiple users, the M511 truly lets you work smarter.

Summary of key features and benefits:

  • Ideal for larger applications – prints labels up to 38.1mm
  • Less waste – goes edge to edge with text, graphics, and barcodes
  • Longer battery life with an internal Li-ION battery – more than eight hours of work or 1,000 labels on a single charge
  • More durable – resists 1.8m drops, shocks, 115kg crushes, and blowing sand and dust
  • Prints anywhere – Bluetooth 5.0 (20m range) connects up to five users simultaneously
  • Uses label creation software – Express Labels app via Bluetooth on a phone/tablet, or Brady’s Workstation on a PC
  • Saves time and space – features an auto label cutter and prints upright or on its side

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