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Gloves In A Bottle is a unique, all-in-one shielding and dry skin-care lotion that – in a nutshell – “keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out”. It creates the optimal platform for continued healthy vital skin in the workplace.

“Manufactured in the United States of America and internationally recommended by more than 9 500 dermatologists and medical practitioners, Gloves In A Bottle creates a totally invisible and undetectable protective layer by bonding with the very outer surface of the skin,” explains Rob Oosthuizen, marketing manager at Medloyd Healthcare, distributor of Gloves In A Bottle.

This protective layer serves two key functions:
• Locks out moisture-depleting irritants, such as: chemicals, resins, isocyonates, dirt, grease, grime, paint, solvents, alcohol-based solutions, glues and cement.
• Locks in the skins natural lipids, moisture and oils for deep-rooted nourishment through all seven layers of the skin. This is achieved while still allowing the skin to breathe and perspire naturally.

A key feature of Gloves In A Bottle is that it does not wash off and will endure multiple washes. A single application will last four to 12 hours, allowing for employees to achieve maximum protection and optimal skincare throughout the day.

“Gloves In A Bottle has been successfully used by world-renowned organisations in the engineering, petrochemical, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, medical, laboratory and banking industries,” says Oosthuizen.

“It is not a replacement for safety apparel, such as gloves, but should rather be used as a first line of defence and in conjunction with safety gear when it has been determined that safety gear is not affording the required protection,” he adds.

Gloves In A Bottle is available in 240 ml, one-gallon (3,8 litre) pump bottle as well as bulk 50-gallon (190 litre) drums for larger corporates who would wish to self decant to save on cost.

Readers of SHEQ MANAGEMENT can contact to arrange a free trial and discover how Gloves In A Bottle can improve the function of their employees.

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