Your eyes, our passion

Your eyes, our passion

No longer designed only as protection devices, Univet’s safety glasses are stylish and comfortable, encouraging more people to start caring for their eyes.

South African-based HSE Solutions, a supplier of high-performance Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) throughout southern Africa, has been appointed as the master distributor of Univet for sub-Saharan Africa. “We supply all industries with innovative, comfort-engineered safety products that workers want to wear,” explains JP Lourens, the general manager of HSE Solutions.

He adds that every model developed, every objective met, every new market gained is a result of the commitment of every person working at Univet.

“While creating a new product is a challenge for everybody, it is also a source of enjoyment and enthusiasm, special energy generating the daily desire to improve and build a future together,” he says.

PPE has certainly evolved over the years. As Univet notes, at first eyewear was designed just for protection, not taking into consideration comfort and appearance – elements that today are increasingly requested by the user.

“Thanks to the 100% Italian talent of Univet’s designers, the products combine an unlikely mix of safety, comfort and style,” notes Lourens. “Research, taste and intuition testify to the talent of Univet’s professionals, who always aim to create unique models that stand out from the crowd.”

Today, safety glasses are needed by employees, managers and visitors in a wide range of environments where risks are present. “Many users of safety eyewear now pay more attention to its appearance because it forms part of their professional image,” he says.

Univet’ s range of safety eyewear combines elegance and style with protection.

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